Dental Braces Wollongong

With the rise of alternatives to braces, such as Invisalign some may think that traditional braces are out of date, or less popular. This idea could not be farther from the truth. Braces are an excellent option to form and align your teeth, and they are still an extremely common and sought after procedure.

There are more options for braces available now than ever before, which means that you have an overwhelming amount of options when trying to find the best style tailored to you. Our compassionate dentists will help you navigate the different options available and find together the one that best suits your needs.

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A word from Dr. Niro S. regarding Dental Braces at Ignite Dental

Dr. Niro Sivathasan welcomes you to Ignite Dental at Ignite Dental, the world’s first Medispa inside a hospital. At Ignite Dental, we take great pride in ensuring that we deliver services that are appropriate and bespoke to each patient. This is why we provide ‘proper’ (educational) consultations which are medical (i.e. involving a doctor) and why we avoid “menu-based” prices. There is no “one size fits all”. We are delighted to have you here and can’t wait to meet you and find out more about your goals and concerns.

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About your Dental Braces Procedure

Ignite Dental has a highly qualified team of Doctors and Dentists that are industry recognised professionals in their respective fields. Be confident knowing that our dentists are experts in Dental Braces Procedures.

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